Predictive Dialer Services

Hosted Phone Dialers and How They Benefit Businesses




Hosted phone dialers are online phone dialers that make use of Software as a Service (Saas) technology. Unlike hard dialers, which operate via connections between computers and other hardware, hosted dialers only need a computer and reliable Internet connection.


Efficiency, cheaper costs and cheaper business overheads are the three most important benefits offered by hosted dialer solutions to businesses. Agents don't have to spend time on tasks which are easily automated, such as calling phone numbers. Instead, they can focus on what they're hired to do - provide customer support and market the business.


If your organization depends significantly on telephone calls or uses telemarketing as its main sales channel, installing a hosted dialer system can provide plenty of advantages. A hosted dialer program can be configured to suit your exact requirements. In a call center, for instance, the system can be installed using custom settings before the start of the next agent's shift. The agent can just log on to a website and go through the instructions. The robo dialer system handles most of the time-consuming job of getting numbers and dialing them, and the agent can focus on the customer on the other end of the line.


If you have a small business, you don't have to spend money to buy predictive dialer software and licenses, as a hosted solution will do. The provider takes care of the hardware and software charges. If you have calling agents in remote locations, they can use the hosted solution as long as they have reliable Internet connection. This model is responsible for the successful development and management of virtual sales staff. Here is a good article on dialers at


Hosted dialer services were used in the beginning by small business, but larger organizations have been employing them nowadays as well. Because of new technologies, such as predictive dialers, Voiceover IP (VoIP), and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), solutions of this type now offer great financial relief to businesses of any size. Such development has practically leveled the playing field for everyone, with telemarketing strategies now being applicable through a more affordable and accessible medium.


Another cost-effective method is sharing hosting with other clients, a model which has similarities to the concept of web hosting through a shared server. This dialing system can lead to much higher sales at much lower costs. Even with a shared hosted dialer solution at, virtual agents will be able to work with more efficiency. Managers can spend more time running the sales floor, sales agents on making sales, and new agents on learning how things work.


Again, if your business depends a lot on telemarketing, a hosted dialing system is highly suitable for you. This won't only cut your costs and boost your efficiency, but it can also give you a great advantage over your competitors in the business.